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Release version#

IE / Edge Firefox Chrome Opera brave
Latest version Last two version Last two version Last two version Last two version

Pihsiu extension has already supported major browsers, choose your browser in download page, or search Pihsiu in their store.

Develop version#

If you want to try out dev version, download here and unzip the file.


The steps for browsers using chromium core are as same, so take Chrome for instance:

  1. Open Chrome browser and goto extension manage page chrome://extensions
  2. Open Developer mode,click load unpacked extension button and choose the folder you unzipped early。

alt open_dev_mode


Firefox browser don't support load unpacked extension directly, you need to install node package we-ext.

Here is the tutorial for it.

The main steps you need to follow:

$ cd /path/to/dist/extensions
$ web-ext run
$ web-ext build
$ web-ext sign --api-key=$AMO_JWT_ISSUER --api-secret=$AMO_JWT_SECRET


We hope that the user interface of Pihsiu is easy understanding and intuitive. So we only show the core concepts of pihsiu.

Initialize wallet & Create account#

seed words

When you first open the pihsiu, the password register is needed. Note that, the password is used to encrypt your accounts. After that, you should memorize your seed words and confirm. Here we explain what is seed words.

account ops

Enter the wallet, you will get a default account for you, but you will do more operations by click the account icon upright, edit current account, create new one, import or export.



Account balance is empty? Click Deposit button and you get two ways to transfer token into your account. The first method, ask your friend to transfer some tokens into your account. The second method, you can apply for some free tokens from test net faucet website.

Want to transfer your tokens to others? Click the Send button.

Contract & Settings#

seed words

For now, contract supports following operations:

  1. deploy contract
  2. invoke contract action
  3. query contract storage
  4. add favorite contracts

About settings, pihsiu supports:

  1. general

    1. language
    2. cache wipe
  2. security & privacy

    1. show seed words
  3. network

    1. edit network settings
    2. add custom network profile
    3. delete custom network profile
  4. identities

    1. edit the nick name of identities
  5. about